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The Pliability Stretch™ Method of muscle pliability and lengthening is a type of assisted stretching technique that provides effective, passive, facilitate stretching of major muscle groups of the entire body, but more importantly, is customized for each individual in order to create maximum pliability of the muscles for activities. Over the past few decades stretching has been used to improve flexibility. Stretching for improved range of motion has been the gold standard. Stretching for flexibility is important for dancers and gymnasts, however, the average person needs pliability. Pliability describes the state in which your muscles are long, soft, and resilient, enabling them to absorb and disperse forces — in both sport and daily life — and operate efficiently. Unlike short and dense muscles, pliable muscles allow you to perform and train at your best while avoiding injury. Muscle pliability is what you want for your client’s to achieve better movement.

course dates




Must be a Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor, or Yoga Instructor.
Dates (Two Options):

October 20-24, 2023
December 1-5, 2023


Host Facility: StretchSource New Jersey
5-Day Course: 9am-4pm

All attendees must attend all five days.
In person only.

1.9 credits NASM (personal trainers)

30 hours NCBTMB (massage therapists)

30 hours NCCAOM (acupuncture)
15 credits AFAA (exercise instructors)

Tuition: $1500, Early Bird: $1395 (includes required texts & grippy socks)

Level II

This course focuses on advanced techniques of corrective exercise increasing your understanding and clinical application of this material.

In person only.

March 8-10, 2024


3-Day Course
Host Facility: StretchSource New Jersey 


Tuition: $499, Early Bird: $425

Level III

Level 3 is the highest level certification program placing you in an elite group of stretch specialists from around the world. Inclusion care of all people regardless of age, ability or fitness level is the difference between an average and elite care provider. Advanced assessment and care is a priority in this course. You will gain the ability and confidence to work with individuals managing medical conditions such as Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, paralysis, and more.


In-person or virtually


Coming Summer 2024


Learn how to teach the popular StretchTribe® format both in-person and virtually. This format can be used for working with an individual client or a group. Designed to enhance one’s professional knowledge of passive stretching, this 1-day workshop delves into the popular
StretchTribe® Curriculum which can be offered in-person or virtually.

Dates November 3, 2023


Tuition: $275
*Certified Specialist Discount: $199

Important Registration Disclaimer

You are required to have a valid and current profession that allows you to perform assisted stretching with clients and patients under scope of practice in your designated location of service in order to participate in Pliability Stretch™ Certification Course.  If you have any doubt then we recommend you contact your professional board, association or organization as well as check with your city, state, or provincial government for stretch training regulations under your chosen profession.

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Pliability Stretch™ Scholarships are awarded to one recipient per year. This covers tuition for the certification minus the cost of text and socks.
Training must commence within one year of receiving the scholarship.
Email us to learn more.